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At Mobeetrip Travel Solutions S.L. (hereinafter “Mobeetrip”) one of our concerns is the strict enforcement of current regulations and specifically of the Law 15/99 of 13th December, of Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter “PPD”). By reason of this Mobeetrip would like to inform you of the Privacy Policy established to protect your personal data.

Navigation of our Website does not imply that the Internet user (hereinafter “the User”) must provide any information about their identity unless they wish to. Thus, and in the event that – as a User, you provide us with personal data, this data will be stored in our automated files, to be used according to the provisions, limitations and rights included in the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data. The data collected by Mobeetrip will be automatically processed and incorporated into the relevant files, previously registered or cleared with the proper authority, under the responsibility of Mobeetrip. The addition of data to personal data files will be guarded by the File Controller, Mobeetrip Travel Solutions S.L. situated at Avda. de Bruselas, nº 38. B 4ª, 28108 Alcobendas - Madrid, Spain.

This Data might be automatically processed, for the purpose of managing purchases, reservations, inquiries and the issuing of all types of tickets and vouchers for travelling – management, administration, service and product improvements and alterations, depending on preference and taste -, as well as the delivery– by traditional and/or electronic methods - of administrative, technical, organizational and/or commercial information regarding the products and services offered, or that may be offered, by Mobeetrip. Users who provide personal information using the various forms available on the Mobeetrip Website consent to, in a clear, precise and unambiguous way, the conditions which are detailed below. The submission of all the necessary data for the contraction of the Service by the User is obligatory; if this data is not provided by the User, Mobeetrip can refuse registration.

The User expressly and without limitation authorises Mobeetrip the storage, processing, transfer to third parties and/or studies of the information received for the purpose of customising queries according to the User’s individual profile and improving the service offered by Mobeetrip. Meanwhile, the User guarantees and accounts for, in all cases, the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, authenticity and relevance of the personal data provided, and undertakes to keep them updated accordingly.

Mobeetrip will keep the User’s data once the business relationship with the User has been completed to meet necessary legal obligations. In turn, Mobeetrip will cancel the collected data when it ceases to be required for the purpose of which it was collected.

Mobeetrip informs the Users that security measures of a technical and organizational nature have been implemented, as laid down in the Law of Protection of Personal Data, and more specifically relating to the security measures of automated files containing personal data, thereby ensuring the security of personal data that you, as a User, provide us, thus avoiding any alteration to it, the loss or misuse of it, and/or unauthorised access.

Mobeetrip reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, in order to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential developments, as well as for strategic and/or corporative motives. Mobeetrip pledges to seek the necessary consent of those affected in order to carry out the required processes, where previously it was not considered to be granted under the terms of this Privacy Policy and under the provisions of the Data Protection Act and its corresponding development regulations.

On submitting your information to Mobeetrip, the User acknowledges and accepts that Mobeetrip can transfer and give unreservedly, based on this consent, to its affiliates and/or commercial associates, at its own discretion, without restrictions, all the information supplied in the various request and customer query forms available on the Website, and any other personal information provided via the Web. Also, the User understands and acknowledges that Mobeetrip does not assume any responsibility regarding the use and treatment of the personal information or any act affecting its confidentiality or integrity carried out by third parties not under Mobeetrip’s responsibility. Similarly the User authorises Mobeetrip to hand over to third parties part or all of the personal data provided as long as it is necessary to provide the service or to carry out the consultation put forward.

Thus, and according to the destination, reservation, or purchase made by the User, they acknowledge being advised, and expressly authorise, that their data may be given and/or transferred internationally for the completion of their information request, reservation and/or purchase, to companies in countries or nationalities that do not guarantee the security of their data from not requiring specific legislation, understanding that the purchase, reservation and/or travel consultation, tickets or vouchers to these companies or these countries implies their express consent of the transfer of the necessary data for the completion of their purchase, consultation or reservation. Also, and in compliance with the agreement reached between the European Commission and the U.S. Customs Department regarding Transport and Aviation Safety 2001, the User carrying out plane ticket reservations with destination and/or stopover in the U.S., expressly authorises Mobeetrip to give personal data provided by the User to the U.S. Customs Department, with the intention of increasing air transport safety.


Mobeetrip informs the User that to access the Mobeetrip server they will be assigned an IP address that will register, as well as their access to the server, the pages visited belonging to the Website. The IP address will be stored with this data in a LOG file which will processed by Mobeetrip to determine the number of pages visited on the network and to carry out statistics, although all the information will be dissociated.


Mobeetrip uses Cookies to obtain information and carry out statistical analysis about the use of the Website, as well as to facilitate the normal function of other services. The Cookies that Mobeetrip uses are anonymous and, in no way, refer to the User’s personal data. Accordingly one cannot access the data on the User’s hard drive. The identity of the User is not directly reflected in the Cookie, and therefore cannot be intercepted. An HTTP Cookie cannot be used to retrieve data from the User’s hard drive. In any case, if the User does not wish to install these Cookies, Mobeetrip informs the User that they must configure their browser to prevent changes and/or modifications in the performance of the Mobeetrip Website.

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