Terms and conditions

Travel documentation

It is the responsibility of the passenger to have the necessary documentation for travelling. Non-Spanish national passengers can use their NIE (National Identification Number for foreigners) to obtain their e-tickets. To travel, however, it is mandatory to hold a passport or valid travel document accepted by airlines and authorities. Journeys to the U.S.: If you are travelling to the U.S. you can find information regarding the legal requirements and documents needed to enter the country on https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/. Important notice: the airline companies in the United States charge 15 USD (U.S. Dollars) for luggage on domestic flights. The costs are per bag and passenger.


Reservations are final and Mobeetrip issues the reserved tickets. Mobeetrip does not make cancellations on issued tickets once the reservation has been made and once the credit card or payment has been verified. If you are unable to travel you should look for a refund as part of your cancellation insurance.

Regarding refunds for unforeseen circumstances we recommend that you purchase Cancellation Insurance.
In the event of flight cancellations or major changes in schedules or connections made by airline companies, you have the right to seek a refund on your ticket for “involuntary changes”. Airlines companies can charge an administrative fee for this procedure ranging from 12 € to 40 € per passenger. For refunds of voluntary cancellations the airline reserves the right to charge an additional administrative fee. This additional fee will be discounted from the amount refunded by the airline


Refunds are made by airlines and are subject to fare conditions. Cheaper fares, also known as discount fares or “Restricted Economy Class” fares (found on the website under "CHANGE/REFUND RESTRICTED" are not often refunded. In these cases Mobeetrip recommends purchasing Cancellation Insurance whenever it is available. Mobeetrip charges a fee of 25 € for the refund process, which is additional to the charge that the airline sets.

Passenger Name Changes

Making a name change on a reservation for one or more of the passengers forfeits the fare originally agreed to. Name changes often involve the cancellation of the reservation followed by a new one, therefore it is essential to write passenger surnames and names correctly when booking to thereby secure the reservation fee desired and avoid refund and new reservation fees. The vast majority of airlines that allow name changes must cancel the ticket bearing the incorrect name, and request a refund and issue a new ticket. Mobeetrip will charge 25 € in administration fees to process all types of name changes

The process for changes and cancellations to tickets bought from Mobeetrip: To be able to make changes to a reservation, whatever the motive, it is absolutely imperative to communicate via email to the Department of Changes email address - cambios@mobeetrip.com. Once the mail is sent to process the change, the department is responsible for providing you with all possible alternatives. The penalty, the fare differentiation if it exists, and the Mobeetrip administrative costs (25 €) are not refundable. The same process is carried out by the Department of Cancellations, however here the email account to manage your reservation is cancelaciones@mobeetrip.com.

Important: these email accounts cannot be used to request the penalty report. If you need more information regarding this please contact our customer call centre on 902 103 487 (+351 213 565 368 from abroad), or by emailing cliente@mobeetrip.com. Change and cancellation requests can only be dealt with during office hours.

You must confirm your flight details 24 hours before departure. You can do so by calling the airline or by using the following link http://www.checkmytrip.com.
Airline companies may be forced to change departure times at the last minute.

Cancellation insurance

Mobeetrip and InterMundial group offer you the possibility to buy Cancellation Insurance. We recommend having it for cover of cancellations due to illness, job loss or other unforeseen situations. Cancellation Insurance allows you to recover your money as in Refunds, in a shorter space of time than with some airlines who can take several months to process the claim.

Flight confirmation

You must confirm your flight details 24 hours before departure. You can do so by calling the airline or by using the following link http://www.checkmytrip.com. Airline companies may be forced to change departure times at the last minute. Important for payment of flights with immediate departure: For flights with immediate departure, payments must be made in cash to the corresponding Mobeetrip accounts.

Reservations made for third parties

(the person buying the ticket is not one of the passengers)
You can make a reservation even if you are not one of the passengers. Mobeetrip reserves the right to review and authorise, or not, said reservation. In these instances the paying customer must fax their express permission to Mobeetrip along with a legible photocopy of their credit card, and NI number or passport. To secure the reservation process it is essential that you provide a mobile telephone number. In this way we can contact you if necessary to process the payment.

Return fare conditions

mobeetrip return flights that use the same airline company for both the inward and outward journeys may be cancelled if the passenger does not use the outward journey. To avoid this type of incident the client should call our customer call centre on 902 103 487 for information on the possible alternatives. However the airline company has the last word regarding a guaranteed seat on the inward journey of the reservation.

Resident discount

Only residents of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are entitled to a 50% discount on the base rate of their ticket (prices exclude taxes) for flights between the Canary and Balearic Islands and the Iberian Peninsula. Remember that even if an international flight makes a stopover in the Peninsula the discount does not apply. You must specify that you are a resident when you start making the purchase given that the discount will not be applicable after the purchase has been made. For flights with low cost airlines you should contact our Customer Service team on 902 103 487 before making the purchase to make use of this discount.

Low cost

“Low cost” airline tickets are issued by “Low cost” airline companies - not by Mobeetrip - who are also responsible for the service and any information received. If you want to make changes or request a refund, you should contact the “Low cost” airline directly. Mobeetrip cannot make changes to or manage refunds relating to “Low cost” airline reservations. In the event of schedule changes or cancellations the “Low cost” airline is solely responsible.

mobeetrip.com is not responsible if a reserved ticket cannot be issued due to the lack of updated agreements between the selected airlines. We cannot be held responsible for these errors but we will contact you to try and offer you an alternative, similar to the chartered flight, but will not be responsible for any price difference.

Unaccompanied minors reservations

Both regular and Low Cost airlines are very strict regarding reservations for unaccompanied minors. Passengers are considered to be unaccompanied minors from 12 years old onwards, although the minimum age of the passenger may vary depending on the companies (12 – 14 years old). To avoid problems with this type of reservation you should send us an email to the following address to proceed with a reservation with these corresponding annotations: support@mobeetrip.com. Once the email is received our customer service department will contact you to obtain the information needed to confirm the reservation

Currency exchange

mobeetrip is not responsible under any circumstance for the price differences that occur in payments made by credit cards due to the currency exchange when the customer is making a reservation from a Eurozone country on a Mobeetrip page that is not, and vice versa. These price differences occur when a customer has a bank account in a country that is NOT in the Eurozone and makes a purchase using a Mobeetrip webpage that is in a country which has the Euro as its currency or vice versa.

Terms of use of the website: www.mobeetrip.com

The www.mobeetrip.com website (hereinafter “Website”) is property of Mobeetrip S.L. (situated at Avenida de Bruselas, Madrid, Spain, and hereinafter “Mobeetrip”) through which its users (hereinafter “Users”) can access various information regarding travel and tourism. In order for the User to use this website, they must expressly accept the unreserved adherence to each and every one of the General Conditions in the version published by Mobeetrip when the User accesses the Website, in particular those regarding disclaimers for Mobeetrip as well as other travel and tourism service providers. Therefore the User must carefully read the General Conditions every time they intend to use the Website, given that they may have been subject to modifications since the previous use of the Website. The User declares that they are of legal age and have legal authority to obtain the services offered through the Mobeetrip Website.

Contracting of services using the websitee

Mobeetrip runs the Website and in particular offers and, when appropriate, provides the content, products and services to Users who visit the Website on their own behalf, as well as the formalisation of reservations for any flight, car hire, package deals and hotel, which are all carried out by Mobeetrip Tours (wholesale and retail travel agency) based at Avenida de Bruselas, Madrid (Spain) (hereinafter Travel Agency). These General Conditions apply to every sale or service described in our brochures, price lists, advertisements, budgets, verbally or on the Internet. Any modification will be confirmed in writing by Mobeetrip. Other terms and conditions are excluded. Any purchase or order made signifies the User’s approval of these General Conditions.

Car hire is handled directly by car hire firms (AVIS, EUROPCAR, HERTZ, RECORD, AUTO). Mobeetrip is limited to only include the service of these companies previously mentioned accessible via a frame on the Website. Unless explicitly stated, in no case shall it be understood that Mobeetrip offers direct flights, car hire services, package holidays, hotel, bus and tourist service reservations or similar products. Users must recognize that the contracting of the services mentioned above is governed by specific contractual conditions, according to the applicable legislation in each case, agreed to by the Users, the service provider and the Travel Agency.

In particular the following conditions will always be applied:

Responsibility of mobeetrip
Acceptance of the following disclaimer is necessary for the issuance and delivery of airline tickets by Mobeetrip. Thus, in the issuance and delivery of airline tickets (purchased via the Website), the maximum liability assumed by Mobeetrip is:

  •  The implementation and administration of the shipment of airline tickets
  •  Making reservations, including the provision of determined fares

It can never be greater than the amount of the offered ticket (including administration and shipping fees that is paid for by the User) plus twenty percent, which if Mobeetrip incurs by error or negligence in the processes just mentioned, maximum liability will be limited to the amount above mentioned. Under no circumstance will Mobeetrip be responsible for lost profits resulting from negligence in a transaction.

This amount is non-refundable and is separate to the fare selected by the buyer. It will be re-applied if further changes are made, whenever the fare allows this (except with changes which the buyer has not requested).

NOTICE: If the passenger has a stopover or an end destination in a country different from that of the departure, the Warsaw Convention can be applied, governed by said Convention and, in most cases, limiting the liability of carriers for death or personal injury, and for loss or damage to baggage. See also the notice entitled “Notice to International Passengers on Limitation of Liability” and “Notice on Limitation of Liability of Baggage”.

Contract conditions

For the purposes of this contract, “ticket” signifies the airline ticket and the baggage receipt, which form part of these conditions and notices; “carrier” signifies all air carriers that transport or pledge to transport the passenger or their baggage by virtue of this contract, or carry out any other service connected to this air carrier; “WARSAW CONVENTION” signifies the Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International Carraige by Air, signed in Warsaw on October 12th 1929, or said Convention as amended in The Hague on September 28th 1955 and in Montreal for Protocol 4 on September 25th 1975, as applicable.

* Transport carried out by virtue of this contract is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Warsaw Convention unless it is not “international transport” as defined by said Convention.

* While not contradicting the above, the transport carried out plus other services performed by each carrier are subject to: 1) the provisions included in the ticket, 2) the applicable fares, 3) the transport conditions set by the carrier and the related regulations that form part of this contract (and that can be consulted at the air carrier’s offices), except in cases when transport is carried out between somewhere in the United States or Canada and anywhere outside of these countries, for which the regulations of the United States and Canada apply.

* The name of the carrier may be abbreviated on the ticket, provided that the full name and its abbreviation appear in the manuals, conditions, regulations or timetables; the address of the carrier is that of the departure airport shown on the ticket opposite the first abbreviation of the name of the carrier; the agreed stopovers are those places that are indicated on this ticket or that are shown on the timetables of the carrier as scheduled stopovers on the passenger’s itinerary, transport to be carried out in virtue of this contract by various successive carriers is considered as one single operation.

* The carrier issuing a ticket for transport of airlines of another carrier acts alone as the agent of this.

* Any exclusion or limitation of liability of the carrier applies to and benefits their agents, employees and representatives, and any person whose aircraft is used by the carrier for transport, and their agents, employees and representatives.

* Checked baggage will be delivered to the owner of the baggage receipt. In the event of damage to the baggage during international transportation the corresponding claim must be presented in writing to the carrier immediately after discovery of the damage and, at most, within 7 days from the date of delivery; in the event of a delay, the claim must be presented within 21 days from the date of delivery of the baggage. See manuals or conditions applicable to non-international transport.

* The ticket is valid for one year from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated on the actual ticket, in the carrier’s fare manuals, in the transport conditions or in the relevant regulations. The fare for transport carried out under this contract is subject to change prior to the journey. The carrier can refuse to carry out transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid.

* The carrier pledges to make every possible effort to transport the passenger and baggage with reasonable care. Times shown on the timetables or anywhere else are not guaranteed and do not form part of this contract. If necessary and without notice, the carrier can be replaced by other carriers, use other planes and amend or omit planned stopovers shown on the ticket. Schedules are subject to change without prior notice. The carrier assumes no responsibility of ensuring links

* The passenger must comply with governmental travel requirements and present the adequate documents for exit, entry and any other documents required, as well as arriving at the airport at the time proposed by the carrier or, if there is no fixed time, early enough to complete departure procedures. It is recommended to arrive at least 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 150 minutes before departure for international flights, especially if the flight is destined for or has a stopover in the United States.

* No agent, employee or representative of the carrier has the authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.
The passenger must reconfirm the flight times with the airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure; given that in some cases the airline may modify them

NOTE: Regarding Spanish domestic transportation, the carrier’s liability is limited in accordance with the Air Navigation Act of 21st July 1960 and the Royal Decree 2333/1983, of 4th August.

Package tours

Package Tours are subject to the provisions of the Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act 21/1995 and the specific conditions agreed to by users according to the Wholesaler organising the package holiday, Mobeetrip being the retail travel agency.

Additional information

The passenger acknowledges and will comply with governmental requirements on documents for exit, entry and any other document required. Such information can be found on the Website (Travel Guide), and Spanish nationals can also find it on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( www.mae.es ). If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service Centre before making a purchase. As of October 26th 2004, only Spanish citizens who have a machine-readable passport can travel to the United States (including those journeys with stopovers in said country) without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program.

Budgets or bids are only valid for the period indicated on them. If there is no deadline indicated, they will be valid up to 24:00 on that current day. Orders and reservations using the Internet are accepted by means of a confirmation of the request, by telephone or fax, and are only binding once accepted by Mobeetrip by means of a Confirmation of the Order or Request within 24 hours of ordering. The User must check the Confirmation and immediately notify us of any error, by email or fax, otherwise after 24 hours following the issuance of the confirmation by Mobeetrip, the details established on the confirmation will be definitively applied to the order or reservation.

Respecting the payment deadline is essential for the improvement of the contractual operation. Mobeetrip can freely suspend the order or booking or delivery of the travel documentation until there is full payment of the order or reservation, and can even cancel the reservation if it is not convenient, or not possible, to keep it active until payment of the booking or reservation has been made in full. Acceptance of any other form of payment other than by credit card is always at the discretion of Mobeetrip.

The purchase of any product will only be effective when Mobeetrip validly charges the total amount to the credit card supplied or, in the event of an authorised transfer transaction, after 24 hours of receipt of the fax with proof that the transfer of the total amount of said purchase has been carried out correctly. Mobeetrip can cancel the reservation or order until said moment.

The act of requesting a reservation implies the customer’s pledge authorising the charge of the credit card supplied. In the event that the credit card cannot be charged (transaction refused) the customer should know:
Payment of the plane ticket(s) is made by credit card before the issuance of the ticket(s), to be able to send them to the address supplied by the customer during the reservation process.

Prices shown online include airport taxes. They do not include the visa or departure taxes of a territory, which can be paid in local currency or in US dollars in said territory. Variations in the applicable fare because of late payment of the reservation, in the amount of airport tax, from the time of booking until ticket issuance, will be passed on to the custome

Consumer rights

In accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of the Decree 168/1994, of 30th May on the Regulations of Travel Agencies in Catalonia, consumers who make reservations or orders or who purchase products using the Mobeetrip Website, may discard their purchase, reservation or order and are entitled to reimbursement but must compensate Mobeetrip for administration fees as laid out in Mobeetrip’s Terms and Conditions, and any duly justified cancellation fees, or failing that, an indemnity of 100% of the total amount of the trip in the event that Mobeetrip has paid for the ordered, reserved or purchased tickets and the companies or entities providing the service do not reimburse the amounts paid, even if the buyer cannot make any use of them.

Information on the website

The information supplied on the Website is offered to convenience the Users, however, this information can contain inaccuracies, errata or any other type of error. Mobeetrip does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information or the contents of the Website. Users shall use the Website exclusively for private and personal purposes.
Users cannot in any way copy, reproduce, transmit or distribute the content of this Website or the services that can be obtained from it, without the written permission of Mobeetrip.

Users and those, in general, who wish to establish a link between any of the webpages on the Website and a webpage (hereinafter “Link”) cannot do so to webpages on the Website where there is no logo, or other element identifying Mobeetrip as the title-holder of the Website, or where the Website advertisement bar does not appear. In addition to this, the Website cannot be included as part of another website.

Data protection

Personal data supplied by the User for use on the Website is subject to the privacy policy contained in “Data Protection”.

Intellectual property

All content on the Website (including text, images, brands, software, etc.) is the property of Mobeetrip or of their content providers, and is protected and recognised nationally and internationally. Reproduction, use or distribution of the content is not permitted, except when expressly authorized by Mobeetrip.
© 2012 – Travelstore S.A. – All rights reserved.

Links to other websites

On the Website there may be links to other websites over which Mobeetrip has no control and for which it is clearly not responsible. Mobeetrip does not endorse or guarantee any of these third-party websites, which have been included for the convenience of the Users.

Browser and operating system

The Website screens are optimized for use with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome running on Windows and Macintosh. Mobeetrip is not responsible for the results obtained using a different browser or operating system.

Interpretation of these terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law and all contracts are concluded at the registered office of Mobeetrip. They have jurisdiction over any dispute arising under the conditions of the Courts that determine the law according to general or special regulations. If any provision of this contract is declared invalid or inapplicable by a Court, the remaining provisions will not be affected. Mobeetrip can subcontract, assign or transfer its obligations or rights in whole or part to third parties.
In the event that any airline ticket is not confirmed at the time of issuance, we will contact you immediately to look at other possible flight alternatives.

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