mobeetrip is a unique online/offline hybrid travel solution that provides business travellers with as much freedom and individual care as they need to enjoy full business travel flexibility and ease.

mobeetrip benefits

Mobeetrip is the only online business travel platform that makes it easy for customers to get live on-demand help from friendly business travel specialists when they need it. Designed specifically for SMBs and freelancers who travel frequently, it blends the agility and cost savings of an online travel search engine with the benefits of personal help via phone, chat or e-mail at any time.

Who we are

The solution was created by the seasoned business travellers at the European-based Travelstore Group, comprised of hundreds of business travel experts who deliver flexible solutions to international companies. The Mobeetrip platform has built-in extras that facilitate frequent business travel, like an administrative management portal that centralizes and quickly locates information about trips and expenditures.